If you're a Ron Davies fan, and who wouldn't be if you saw him knock in four against Man Utd at Old Trafford in 1969 (against Best, Charlton Law and the rest), you've come to the right place!

The link on this page will take you to the Give It To Ron website which is chock full of photos, anecdotes, stats etc.

Four years ago Ron was "lost" somewhere in the Americas. There were rumours of him living destitute in Mexico and despite the efforts of journalists, fans and old friends he remained lost.

Fortunately for all of us he was eventually tracked down to New Mexico, USA, where he was living with his wife Chris and a couple of naughty but likeable cats. It's true that he was, by many people's standards, living a precarious life and he'd just given up work as a roofer because his hip was playing up, but Ron is the sort who takes everything in his stride; always looking on the bright side of life and looking for the fun in all things.

Give It To Ron was set up in July 2007 to raise funds to help with Ron's much needed hip replacement. Thousands of fans around the world helped with donations, their time and their support. Southampton FC and its staff joined in to provide a special Ron Davies day (v. Cardiff on 21st October). More help was given by Norwich City FC, the Welsh FA, the PFA, the Southern Daily Echo, ITV, the BBC, The Times and many local Southampton businesses.

In the event some £15,000 was raised to supplement grants from Medicare and Medicaid in the USA. And "Our man in California" was on hand to give advice and support, particularly to Chris in negotiating labyrinthine procedures and completing endless forms.

Doctors wouldn't consider hip surgery until Ron's health improved. Extensive remedial dentistry had to be undertaken first. With the help of a large, anonymous, individual donation this was carried out over the winter of 07/08. In the spring of 2008 Ron's hip was replaced, but as is so often the case, it was discovered that his other hip had deteriorated to the point where it too needed replacing. This was done in the winter of 08/09 and things started looking up for Ron and Chris.

Unhappily, the cold that Chris contracted that winter just wouldn't shift. It wasn't just a cold and Chris, unable to get the right treatment (not yet of retirement age and therefore underinsured medically), found her health failing steadily throughout the year until the autumn when she passed away. Ron was devastated.

Today (April 2010) Ron is getting back to his old self; laughing and joking and seeing the best in everyone and everything. He's still getting into scrapes and long may that last! Next month he'll be 68 (on the 25th).

Happy Birthday Ron. Thanks for the memories.

Give It To Ron's work is now done and is being wound up, but the site will remain as a repository for some great memories. Enjoy.